Big Wave can help you tell your company’s story—and share it far and wide. Explore our suite of copywriting and social media consulting services.

General Copywriting

We can help you develop your company voice and tell your story across all channels—from banner ads and SEO content to blog posts, social media, email campaigns, brochures, catalogues, radio spots, press releases, and more.

E-commerce Copywriting

What’s the key to retail copy that converts? Test, test, and test again. We take a metrics-based approach to copywriting, using A/B testing to determine which copy serves you best. Count on us for SEO-rich copy that aligns with your company voice.

Site Information Architecture

Building a new site from scratch? We can discuss your goals, audience, and budget to help determine your site’s ideal navigation and content flow.

Email Copywriting

Compelling email campaigns drive traffic to your site, convert sales, and keep you front-of-mind with your client base. They’re also a great way to build relationships with customers.

Social Media

Generate buzz for your business with social media posts, contests, and thoughtful blog posts that actually get read and shared. Our approach to social is slow and steady organic growth coupled with best practices in social advertising.

SEO Content

Help Google—and clients—find you online by adding steady infusions of fresh, relevant content to your site. We can help you boost your site with keyword-rich copy that engages readers and gets social shares.


We work closely with companies to help them develop and maintain their unique voice across all platforms—digital, print, and social.

Mobile/Responsive Content

With mobile users now surpassing desktop users, it’s crucial that your web content, social posts, and emails are compatible with smartphones. Across all channels, we write with mobile and responsive design in mind.


In today’s digital world, print copy still has its place—in catalogues, flyers, event show guides, white papers, brochures, and mailers.

Magazine Editorial

Business articles tell your company’s story and bring exposure for your brand. We have experience writing for trade and consumer magazines, and we can help you craft a narrative for your organization.